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Building your own web hosting business is now simple with WebGee's Reseller Hosting. Our flexible Linux Reseller Hosting plans allow you to create customized hosting plans

VPS Hosting

If you know your site is going to enjoy a high amount of traffic, a VPS is a safer option than shared hosting options. VPS is also a great option if you have a number of websites to host and want have the best performance.

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Get the freedom to focus on your business better while our experts manage your servers.

Switch Your Hosting To Us

For a website to function as intended it needs to have a host for both its domain name and the website itself.

A domain name is the website’s URL (e.g. Think of your website as a house and the domain name as its postal address. Without a domain name your website’s URL would just be a series of seemingly random numbers. Purchasing a domain name grants you a license to use that domain for a specified period.

We can offer, .com and .net domains as well as industry specific domains such as .sport or .hotel.

Website hosting refers to the location on which your website is stored, including all its files, content and images. If your website were a house, then this would be the plot of land it is built on.

WebGee offers competitive rates for both website hosting and domain name hosting. The benefits of hosting both your website and its domain with WebGee include:

Guaranteed 99.5% Uptime
Make sure your customers can reach you. A great website isn’t worth anything if it’s not online, our SLA guarantees consistent access to your site even during periods of high traffic.

Local Team
No more dealing with international call centres. Our expert hosting support team is UK based, working out of the same office as the rest of WebGee . Having a support team that works closely with the web development team simplifies the process of fixing and updating your website.

Streamlined Service
Whether your query is about the hosting of your website or your website itself you can contact us through your account manager. No more being passed back and forth between your developer’s and hosting provider’s helpdesks.