What is WebGee Workspace (Email Hosting)?

WebGee Workspace is primarily an email hosting service, designed as an ideal alternative to the usual 'per user' or 'per mailbox' charging method that is applicable to most email hosting providers. Instead, we charge for an overall amount of storage that is included with the plan, and a 'maximum' limit on the number of 'accounts' that can be created within the service. 
WebGee Workspace has been designed as a 'business collaboration suite', complete with the following additional benefits (vs a standard 'mail hosting' solution)...

  • Shared Storage (Similar to Google Drive)
  • MailChannels Inbound SPAM Protection with Quarantine Release
  • Shared Calendars (Similar to that offered via Exchange)
  • Email Signatures
  • IOS and Android Apps
  • Centralized / Clustered Login Interface (mail.hostns.io)
  • Powerful, Intuitive, and Beautiful Webmail Client
  • 'Send Later' Handling on Emails
  • Email 'Snoozing'
  • Large-File Sending / Sharing
  • Canned Responses
  • Email Follow-Ups
  • Delayed Sending
  • Machine-Learning SPAM Filters / Inbox
  • Email Import / Migration Capability
  • AutoResponders
  • Re-Branding / Tailored Themes
  • Malware and Anti-Virus Included
  • Text, Audio, and Video Chat
  • Screen Sharing Functionality
  • Team Folders for Files
  • Contact Management
  • Multi-Account Management
  • Multi-Language UI / Capabilities

Designed for those who settle only for the best - beautiful, dazzlingly fast, and comes with advanced features that provide you and your team with cutting-edge communication technologies.
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