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Our innovative platform guarantees the continuous uptime of your website through advanced application-level failover technology, ensuring real-time replication between nodes.


Your account seamlessly handles unexpected traffic surges and peak periods by diverting traffic to an alternate server.

DNS Load Balancing

Your DNS operates independently of the hardware hosting your sites - our failover solution doesn't rely on a load balancer.

Unlimited 24/7 Support

Our expert Technical Support team is on standby to diagnose and solve any issues you encounter. No question is too basic or complex.

Data Center Independence

In the highly improbable event of a data center outage, your sites can seamlessly transition to an alternative data center without downtime.

Global DDoS Protection

Our plans are designed to stop even the largest, strongest DDoS attacks. If we ever fall, you get your money back!

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Our Dynamic Cloud is a fully managed solution that has been designed to cope with large volumes of traffic.

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